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What we do

Our mission is to organize motorbike tours, or rather: motorbike holidays.

Our holidays are, above all, meant for non-Italians (all our tours are led by English-speaking biker guides) who want to discover and experience our country in a different way, using a different means of transport, together with Italians. Of course, we are travel-lovers ourselves, and our personal experience has taught us that you can truly get to know places only by traveling with locals.
So our mission is very simple: to acquaint you with the Italy of the Italians.

Perhaps you approach a journey outside your usual “home territory” with the open mind and curiosity of someone who, although aware of the different culture, language, way of life and food, wants to discover a country from the inside and so to understand it a little better. If so, then have no doubt: we are the people to explore Italy with by motorbike!


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Who we are

Motorcyclists by passion, bon vivants by vocation! Meet the team: Gerasimo and his staff, together with a network of biker friends scattered across the Bel Paese (our beautiful country), will introduce you to the Italy of the Italians. After many years roaming the whole country in the saddle, having a cold leisurely beer or sandwich in the most panoramic bars, enjoying tasty meals in good restaurants, entertaining or romantic nights in charming hotels, and with thousands of miles under our belts, we have gained a deep knowledge of our homeland and the most enjoyable and exciting routes for exploring it on two wheels. These are joys that can be shared only with passionate bikers who, like us, love to travel and to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that surround us.

ItalyOnMotorbike is a brand, a symbol, the embodiment of owner Gerasimo Coroneos’s dream and of his wife Françoise. Supported by an extensive network of relationships throughout the country, finding qualified tutors and perfect connoisseurs of the best motorbike routes and places of interest in their respective areas was quite easy.

In November 2012, after careful planning, the GeFran company’s new guise came into being, and the ItalyOnMotorbike project was launched: a great pool of bikers who together put their passion, knowledge and experience at the service of other bikers seeking to discover the authentic Italy with the locals and experience its true soul.

3 steps for the perfect Italy Motorcycle Tours

Find Perfection Italy Motorcycle Tours

We have three simple steps to make sure your motorcycle trip in Italy with us is fantastic!

Tell us what you want to do

If your requirements are different (need of privacy, specific itinerary, big group or small group…), tell us your idea and desires and together we will transform them into reality through a purpose-made tour, even in parallel with a different type of holiday for those in your group who do not ride a motorcycle.

Share your motorcycle passion

If motorcycling is your passion, then the right holiday can only be on a bike seat ! You are a purist who loves motorcycle trips without too many frills but which are nonetheless well prepared. Wherever you go, you want to ride on the best motorcycle roads, scenic and full of curves, the really fun ones that only the locals know and take.

We’ll give you recommendations

It is universally acknowledged that Italy is one of the most multi-faceted interesting place to visit on earth. Italy just has it all: its territory offers an unrivaled wealth of history, landscapes, regional cultures and cuisines, allowing a traveler to easily enjoy on the same day winding roads in the mountains and along the coast, a trip to a city of art and a foray into the wilds of nature.

6 steps for the perfect Italy Motorcycle Tours

Find Perfection Italy Motorcycle Tours. ItalyOnMotorbike : real motorcycle holidays!

We are a tour operator specialising exclusively in motorbike tourism in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, that is absolutely ideal for visiting on a motorcycle: Italy. Our way is innovative because it combines 6 important factors, that none of the other offerings on the market possess, which makes those trips very limited and, in our view, simply incomplete. That’s why we have developed our concept based on our own experience of motorcycling globetrotters, on what we like and want, namely to enjoy all the vital ingredients of a successful holiday, with nothing left out:

Real motorcycling

Exciting routes simply made for motorbikes, with lots of twists and turns and beautiful scenery for a really good time in the saddle, whether you are a rider or a passenger. Unlike what happens on many motorbike tours, with us the motorcycle is no mere “means of transportation” for getting from one interesting place to the next, no matter how straight and flat and boring the roads are … No, no. We think like adventure-tour operators. We choose our routes because they are fun, where riding is so much more than just getting from A to B. So, with us, it’s not only the destinations that are interesting and exciting but the journey itself, which becomes a fundamental part of the game and hugely enjoyable in its own right! What we want, when you come with us, is having you forget the daily grind, home, problems – at least for a few days – and refresh yourself through a stimulating but thoroughly planned adventure.

Real tourism 

Of course, it’s not just about the pleasure of riding the bike, no matter where we are, where we go, and what we are surrounded by. Our aim is not to cover miles and miles from dawn to dusk, zipping through a landscape without seeing anything of it. We’ll let you really discover the place, according to the tour theme. Our packages are true cultural holidays, journeys of discovery that, besides the biking, will help you to explore a region and its treasures properly. All our trips feature visits to natural, archaeological, historical, or culturalal sites. Every tour is designed around a theme that not only is different for each itinerary and region (the reasons for touring Sardinia, Tuscany or Abruzzo are not the same) but will also change over time, so that you can come with us and tour the same region in different years and discover its different facets. Our themes include sea and beaches, the Middle Ages, the Nuragic civilization, lakes and forests, in the footsteps of Raphael, wines and cheeses, and plenty more..

Real relaxation 

We believe that warriors should enjoy their rest as much as their battles. Many other motorcycle tours on the market are all about the riding, with hours in the saddle every day, very little free time, and hotels that are comfortable at best. But what we offer is much more than motorcycle trips: we bring you holidays on a motorcycle! This concept embodies relaxation and luxury, which are absolutely compatible with real motorcycling and real tourism. Each day, our wanderings culminate around 5 PM in beautiful, charming hotels, typically in enchanting, interesting places, so that our customers can carry on enjoying themselves as they prefer: at the pool, in the spa, on the beach, playing some sport, going for a walk, dining in a good restaurant, sampling a spot of nightlife … or even going for a ride on their own! This is a great formula for anyone and especially for couples, because it reconciles both his and her interests, without sacrificing the romance and privacy that you look for in a holiday with your special someone. And don’t forget: passengers pay 20% less.

Real customer care

The sense of adventure is a vital attraction in a motorcycle holiday. So it is in our tours, which leave our travelers a fair scope of free time! Yet the support we offer is ample to meet the needs of those who would never dream of taking their bike abroad on their own.  Inevitably, a motorbike tour demands a certain spirit of adventure, which is why this kind of holiday will not suit people who expect an organized trip to take care of absolutely everything, where all you have to do is turn up. But to assure our participants’ full safety, all our tours are escorted: a tour leader captains groups up to 6 motorbikes whereas parties of minimum 7 motorcycles are escorted by two tutors, one at the head of the group, the other bringing up the rear. Besides Italian, the official language of all tours is English and our staff is able to communicate with all Latin languages speakers.  Each group is made up of a maximum of 12 bikes, to ensure a fluid pace on the roads and that we can look after everyone well and individually. Our services are also very flexible and can be tailored to suit the make-up of any group. For example, if at least 8 members of a party speak the same language, we can bring an interpreter of that language on tour, too – also see point 5. And, of course, if you are coming from a long way away or if you do not have a bike of your own, it’s no problem you can hire it, through us, from our partners.

Real bespoke travel 

As an alternative to our organized tours, we also offer a made-to-measure motorbike holiday service. Either a single motorcyclist or a group, small or large, if you don't want to abide by rules or you simply have another idea of the kind of holiday that you’re after, then we can design for you your own private trip taking into account everything you need and desire in terms of routes, pace, interests, comfort level, mileage, budget – you name it. Our tailored service even extends to our programmed tours: through our membership in a long-established network specializing in tailor-made traveling, we can offer our customers their dream holiday extension before and/or after the tour. Whether it is just organizing your transfer airport/hotel or programming a relaxing stay by the sea, a ramble through some Italian art cities, a special celebration day, or whatever else … just make a wish and we’ll make it come true! And we can offer you a mix of both: you may choose one of our ready-to-buy tours, but have it exclusively for your party, at the dates you prefer, and customize it. We can pick you up at the airport; hire a touristic guide who speaks your mother tongue for the whole tour; double the tour with a second one (in a minivan or a sailing boat for instance) for the rest of your family; choose another hotel category; include any type of activity like daily excursions, cooking classes, factory visits (Ferrari, Ducati, Bimota), tastings, shopping days, etc … the options are endless!

Real Italy

To add to all that, we are an Italian company with an Italian team on a mission to show foreign visitors the authentic Italy: the Italy of the Italians.  No folklore for tourists or shameful features supposedly authentic that a real Italian would not even have heard about, in our tours. As the travelers we personally are, we are firmly convinced that visiting a place with locals is the best way to enter in contact with the true reality of the place, especially if the mentioned "locals" are specialists of what you wish to experience and see there. Taking advantage of the experience of whom has tested all things before you is not only an immense advantage but also the only way to always find the best, without wasting time nor having bad surprises. Tour Italy with Italians and get to know the real soul of this extraordinary country! We want to offer you a different holiday, out of the ordinary. A travel with a group but also as a leader, because that spark of creativity and initiative is an essential ingredient, as is that pinch of adventure that makes the experience exciting: winding roads, up and down hillsides with a thrill of a “Wow, where am I?” for those who come from afar. Add to this luxury, wellness, culture, history, gastronomy and fun, and the picture is complete.


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