Euphemia – Lab Travel

Euphemia, a fresh concept in tourism

Set up just a few years ago, the group Euphemia – Lab Travel is creating something new on the Italian scene by pursuing and developing a unique and innovative travel-sales model directly inspired by the most developed and dynamic emerging tourism markets, specifically in North America and Great Britain. Euphemia is the brainchild of people with strong and long-standing experience at various levels in tourism and marketing who have devoted their energies and their professionalism to this project. Euphemia operates a network of travel consultants with high added value, called Personal Voyagers. These consummate professionals combine scrupulous attention to the needs and desires of their customers with an unstoppable passion for travel.

Euphemia è un ramo della Lab Travel Group

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ItalyonMotorbike’s partnership with Euphemia – Lab Travel

ItalyonMotorbike’s partnership with Euphemia – Lab Travel stems from the belief that, to give travelers an excellent experience – for only excellence will do – everyone involved must do what they are best qualified to. With no half measures. That’s why we only join forces with the top players in their respective fields, so that we complement each other to perfection and offer only the very best to you.

ItalyonMotorbike offers specific motorcycling know-how, selecting the best routes and the most striking roads for exploring on two wheels. Our staff are all demanding travelers who are ideally placed to plan solo and two-up riding tours, achieving just the right blend, with plenty of appeal both for her and for him. The result is the ideal all-round motorbike vacation.

As regards the Euphemia Bespoke Travel Shop, it not only gives us the high-level technical and administrative support that we need, but also qualified help in designing just any kind of extension before and after the tour that you may desire. With the help of our Personal Voyager colleagues, all talented specialists in tailor-made journeys, we shall organize for you the extension that perfectly suits your tastes and expectations. From a simple stay in an art city or beach resort to complex packages with several stopovers around the country or in Europe, she can take care of it all …
Your fully organized “door to door” holiday.

Euphemia is a brand of the tour Operator Lab Travel Srl – VAT no. 03795120108 – Licensed under decree no. 21 of 26 July 2004