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Sales Conditions Italy On Motorbike Tour

Thank you for buying an ItalyOnMotorbike tour!
All our tours are confirmed with a minimum of 4 participants.

Yet, in case less than 4 people have enrolled on a tour, then participants may confirm their participation by paying a supplement, or they can choose to sign up for another, confirmed tour,  or as a last resort  they may renounce free of charge and all sums already paid are being entirely refunded, retaining only the € 150 registration fee.

Therefore we are proud to state that we guarantee all departures, even for 1 person only.


For our bikers’ maximum safety, all tours are limited editions for a maximum of 12 motorcycles/bike teams.

Prices and payments

To give our customers the certainty of the tour being run, whatever the number of participants enrolled, we have opted for a unique price that includes a crescent number of services as the number of participants grows.

1) Premium guided tours payment terms:

  • Enroll by completing the booking form and paying a deposit of 30% of the tour price per person.
  • 40% of the total tour price is due when the tour is confirmed, at latest 60 days before departure date.
  • The balance is due not later than 30 days before departure date.
  • Any tour booked within 60 days before its departure date is subject to the payment of 70% of the tour price right upon receipt of our confirmation.
  • Any tour booked within 30 days before its departure date must be paid in full right upon receipt of our confirmation.

2) Tailor-made payment terms:

As regards tailor-made tours, payment terms are themselves subject to customization depending on the services included, and are therefore specified in the tour quote document.


All our PREMIUM tours include:

  • registration fee, photos of the tour
  • assistance + medical + luggage insurance that covers both rider and passenger for medical expenses in Italy and repatriation assistance costs in case of accident or illness during the tour and luggage theft or loss
  • welcome aperitif
  • en-suite accommodation and buffet breakfast in standard double room, in first class hotels*
  • one complete quality main meal per riding day (drinks excluded)
  • Tour Leader on own motorbike for groups up to 7 bikes
  • Tour Leader + rear steward on own motorbike for groups made up of 7 to 12 bikes
  • luggage van for groups of minimum 10 people

*Please note that we have selected all our partner hotels according to strict and demanding criteria. They are among the best available in their area (with excellent Trip Advisor and Booking ratings), possibly with 4 stars (otherwise 3 stars superior) and numerous high-level amenities, personally chosen in strategic positions for the quality service, high comfort and excellent cuisine.


All our PREMIUM tours exclude:

  • all not mentioned meals
  • all extras and tourist taxes at the hotels
  • room upgrade or suite accommodation – extra charge on request
  • petrol, any parking fees (while touring), entrance fees in museums, natural sites, monuments – all visits are optional
  • transfers to the first hotel of the tour upon arrival and from the last hotel upon departure – extra charge on request
  • luggage van for groups under 10 people
  • motorcycle for rent – motorcycle rental, if requested, is subject to separate, direct contract and payment with the rental company.


Any sum paid as partial or full payment of a tour is not refundable, except the deposit of 30% of the tour price minus booking fee of € 150 per person, if cancellation arises over 6 months from the departure date.
In all other cases a customer who cancels their trip for any reason is compelled to a penalty equivalent to the sums paid at the corresponding stage, as follows:

  • 30% of the tour price if cancellation arises less than 6 and more than 2 months before tour departure date,
  • 70% of the tour price if cancellation arises between the 59th and the 31th day before the tour departure date
  • In case a tour is being confirmed more than 60 days prior to departure, then the payment of the second tranche is anticipated to 1 week after notification of the fact and the applicability of the penalty amounting to 70% of the tour price is anticipated accordingly, read if cancellation arises between such payment day up to 30 days before tour departure date, instead of cancellations arising between the 59th and the 30th day before tour departure date.
  • 100% of the total amount due if cancellation arises 30 days or less before the tour departure date.

But in case, and only in this case, that by the time of the second payment, at latest 60 days before the tour commencement, the total number of participants is lower than 4, then participants may renounce free of charge and all money already paid is refunded, retaining only the € 150 registration fee.  
This reimbursement only covers the sums paid by the customer to Italy On Motorbike/Lab Travel for the tour package itself; we shall no way refund any other service that the customer may have bought for this journey, such as flight tickets, motorcycle rental, further room bookings, guided visits, etc …

To avoid any controversy on this concern we strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance in your own country or proposed by us. In accordance with the Italian laws in force, travelers who choose not to subscribe a cancellation insurance will have to sign a waiver.


Since our moto-tourists may arrive from whatever place in the world, by whatever means, at whatever time, the group shall always meet (and part) directly in our first hotel. 
Transfer from/to airport or station can be organized on request.


We have included in every package one main meal of delicious local cuisine per riding day. It can be a lunch or a dinner. Drinks at meals are never included.

As regards the remaining lunches, a pause is scheduled every day in a bar or cafeteria – some nice, inviting place – where to have a sandwich, a salad and some fast food warm dishes.
At least two shorter breaks for a cup of coffee, an ice-cream or else will also be made along the day.

As regards the remaining dinners, participants will autonomously decide where and what to eat in the city where they overnight.

Role of the staff on the road and during sightseeing

We have prepared with big care each of our itineraries, including in them lots of exciting, twisty, panoramic roads that are ideal for motorcycle and many stops in interesting and characteristic places, so to guarantee our moto-tourists’ pleasure as well in the saddle and off the bike. But, with respect to the typical biker’s philosophy, who loves to travel in a group while at the same time maintain a healthy degree of independence, ours are no way traditional guided tours for passive travelers where all activities are conducted together. On the contrary we allow each participant ample free time for self-contained activities and the role of the Tour Leader is limited to leading up the group and supplying assistance.

On the go, the Tour Leader leads the way for the motorcycles group along the programmed route made up of the best bikers’ roads available in the area with the necessary flexibility to adapt itinerary and pace to the current conditions. He is the captain in charge of the group, he takes all decisions and shall not be overtaken without authorization.

When the group stops in the interesting places that we have included in our itineraries for a visit, he grants the participants some free time that each one will spend as he/she prefers, either visiting the spot autonomously, strolling about, doing some shopping, grabbing a gelato, or else.
All suggested visits are optional and self-contained. Our Tour Leaders are no touristic guides, therefore they will not visit the monuments with participants nor are they allowed to provide explanations on their history and architecture. Participants may decide to avail at own charge of the services of professional touristic guides on the various spots.

In a nutshell, the Tour Leader

  • is your contact person during the whole tour, he will always be at your disposal in case of need, even when off the bike and during the rest day. You can reach him on his mobile phone 24/24 hours
  • is the forerunner who traces the route and determines the pace of the group according to road and traffic conditions, and of the riding ability of the single participants. In case of need for any reason his deep knowledge of the territory allows him to quickly and efficiently modify the route. He supplies all possible help in case of problem (crash. breakdown, …)
  • is the team leader in charge of creating cohesion and good relationships among participants of various origins
  • acts as an interface with the various service providers included in the tour (hotels, restaurants, monuments, …)
  • and above all he is your specialist of Italy, whom you can ask all your questions about this country, its customs, culture, cooking and way of life.


Feeling secure and protected is an important factor of a successful holidays. Therefore:

  • Assistance + medical + luggage: Our prices are inclusive of a basic Assistance, medical and luggage insurance that covers both rider and passenger for all medical expenses in Italy and repatriation costs in case of accident or illness during the tour. Luggage loss or theft is covered too. Complementary coverage available on request.
  • Vehicle: Will you hire the bike through us, our partners will put at your disposal a vehicle covered by third party liability insurance. If you tour with your own motorcycle, it is your responsibility to have a valid motorcycle insurance. Be aware that in our northern tours in the Alps and Dolomites we shall happen to ride stretches in France, Switzerland, Austria or Slovenia, so make sure your insurance is valid in these countries too.
  • Cancellation: We warmly recommend you to take a cancellation insurance that refunds you in case you should cancel or abbreviate your journey for some valid reason. This type of  insurance can be taken only in your own country. In accordance with the Italian laws in force, travelers who choose not to subscribe a cancellation insurance will have to sign a waiver.

Booking deadline

Accommodation is guaranteed up to 45 days prior to tour commencement; booking after 45 days prior to departure date is highly welcome but subject to effective availability

  • of subscriptions (max 12 motorcycle teams per tour)
  • of rental motorcycles (if requested)
  • of rooms in the various hotels of the tour

Information on passport, visa, customs and health regulations

It is presumed to be known to all travelers that a valid passport is needed for travels abroad.
All travelers are required to inquire with the local Italian Consulate about the specific entry provisions in Italy (visa, insurance, health conditions, international driver’s license or else) as well as about customs regulations and will be themselves responsible for compliance with these regulations. Caution: should you choose one of our northern tours in the Alps and Dolomites, be aware that we shall happen to ride stretches in France, Switzerland, Austria or Slovenia, so make sure your identity documents are valid for these countries too.

As an inbound tour operator, our services are delivered exclusively in Italy and our liability starts only in the moment when the traveler joins the Tour Leader at the meeting point in Italy – or with the provision of the first service sold by us – whereas all previous steps are completely out of our responsibility, including the issuance of a visa, customs clearance or compliance to special regulations for foreigners, stateless persons or persons with a double citizenship.

Should a traveler not be able to reach the meeting point for failure to comply with the rules governing his/her entry in in Italy, we are exempted from further contract fulfillment and the customer is entitled to no refund.

Analogously our liability finishes with the end of the tour – or with the end of the last service sold by us – whereas all subsequent steps are completely out of our responsibility.

Terms and conditions of the travel contract


The sale of tour packages, made up of services to be provided in both national and international territory, is governed – until its repeal to be made in accordance with art. 3 of Legislative Decree No 79 of May 23, 2011 (the “Tourism Code”) – by law 27/12/1977 n° 1084, that ratifies and implements the dispositions of the International Convention on Travel Contracts (CCV) signed at Brussels on 23/04/1970 – as far as applicable – and by the Tourism Code (arts. 32-51) and subsequent amendments.


Booking will be made upon the specific electronic booking form, completely filled in and signed by the traveler who will receive a copy in return. Booking is deemed completed, resulting in the conclusion of the sales contract, only when LAB TRAVEL srl, via ITALY ON MOTORBIKE (hereafter “the Organizer”), sends confirmation, usually via electronic system, in the form of a specific travel contract that the traveler will have to sign and return to Italy On Motorbike/Lab Travel. 
The Organizer will provide before tour departure all details of the package not contained in contractual documents, brochures or other means of written communication, as provided for by art. 37, paragraph 2, of the Tourism Code.

In accordance with art. 32, paragraph 2, of the Tourism Code, in the case of contracts concluded at distance (as defined respectively in articles 50 and 45 of Decree 206/2005), the Organizer has the right to provide written notice of the exclusion of the right of withdrawal provided for by art. 64 and subsequent ones of Legislative Decree 206/2005.


The deposit amounting to 30% of the price of the package per person is due upon booking (id est when completing the binding request of participation); the second payment, amounting to 40% of the price of the package, is to be paid 60 days prior to tour departure; the balance is payable not later than 30 days prior to tour departure. In the event that external services are added to the standard package, such as airline tickets, entrance tickets and visits or other services making up the customization of the package, such services are to be paid at time of booking, in addition to the amount due as mentioned above.

Failure to pay the above mentioned amounts at the defined dates constitutes express termination clause that allows the Organizer to annul the contract without further notice.

  1. PRICE

The price of the package is indicated in the contract, with reference to what is stated in the standard or customized tour description sheet and any updates thereof. It can be changed up to 20 days before departure and only due to variations in:

  1. a) transport costs, including fuel costs;
  2. b) fees and taxes on certain types of touristic services such as landing taxes or embarkation or disembarkation at ports and airports;
  3. c) exchange rates applied to the package in question. For these changes we will refer to the exchange rates and costs in force at the date of publication of the program or that of the updates in force by booking time.
    Scheduled flight prices must always be considered indicative and are always subject to ongoing prices applied by airlines upon booking. Except otherwise required when purchasing your flight or travel package that includes a scheduled flight, the ticket will be issued at the time of booking. Deferred issuance of tickets may result in a change in the price of the same caused by adjustments applied by the airline.

The Organizer reserves the right to apply, and ask the traveler to pay, an administrative costs for revision/change of the booking file.


The traveler who renounces may be substituted by another person if:

  1. a) the Organizer is being informed in writing at least 4 working days before the departure date, and at the same time about the reasons for the replacement and the identity of the substitute;
  2. b) the substitute satisfies all the conditions for the use of the service (pursuant to article 89 Cod. Cons.) and in particular the requirements relevant to passport, visa, health certificates and ability to ride a motorcycle if he/she is a rider (the last condition does not apply if the substitute is a pillion);
  3. c) the same services or other services can be provided in case of replacement;
  4. d) the substitute refunds the Organizer of all additional charges incurred to proceed to the substitution, the which amount shall be communicated before the transfer.

The transferor and the transferee are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the balance due as well as for the amounts mentioned in comma d) of this article.


A traveler may annul the contract without penalty in the following cases:
1) the price increase as referred to in art. 4 is higher than 10% of the previous price;
2) a significant modification of one or more elements of the contract that are objectively fundamental to enjoy the package as a whole was proposed by the Organizer after the conclusion of the contract but prior to departure, but was not accepted by the traveler.

In the above cases, the traveler has the right:

1) either to choose an alternative tour package of the same value without paying any extra charge, or a cheaper tour package in the which case the price difference is being refunded, or a more expensive tour package in the which case the traveler shall pay  the bare price difference without any extra charge;
2) or to have the sums already paid refunded. This refund must be made within seven working days of receipt of the request for refund. The traveler must communicate his decision (to accept the change or withdraw) no later than two working days from the moment he received the notice of increase or modification. In the absence of express notice within such period, the proposal made by the Organizer is considered accepted.

Any change requested by the traveler after the confirmation of the services that are part of the package will be charged to the traveler for € 50.00 per person, in addition to paying the Organizer all additional charges incurred to proceed to the change. Changing the name of the traveler with that of a substitute could not be accepted by a third party service provider, according to the type of service offered and the substitution policy in force in that third company, even if made within the time allowed.

The Organizer will not be responsible for any non-acceptance of the amendment by third party service providers. Any such non-acceptance will be promptly notified by the Organizer to the travelers prior to departure and, in case this should result in the cancellation by the traveler, the cancellation conditions hereafter will apply.

In any case, except for the specific circumstances governed by the Italian legislative Decree 111/95, annulment may be accepted only condition that the traveler keeps LABTRAVEL s.r.l. and Italy On Motorbike/Lab Travel unharmed and exempt from costs, expenses and losses that such annulment should generate.
For this reason the following withdrawal/annulment/cancellation policy shall apply:

Unless otherwise specified in the service description, the traveler who withdraws from the contract for other reasons than those listed in the first part of this article shall be charged the penalties listed below, depending on the number of days remaining from the day when notice of cancellation is given to the departure date (calendar days, not including the day of notification):

  • € 150 up to 180 days before departure (individual subscription fee inclusive of bank charges);
  • 30% of the complete package price from 179 to 60 days before departure;
  • 70% of the complete package price from 59 to 31 days before departure;
  • After this date the penalty is the full value of the package.

These amounts are due also by those who cannot make the trip because not in possession of regular personal documents of expatriation.

Changes and cancellations of scheduled flights and ferries are subject to penalties applied by airlines and shipping companies depending on the tariff applied and may be different from those set forth in this article.

Please note that in case of non-payment at the deadlines laid down in the contract, the contract will be terminated and cleared charging the contractual penalties, without prior formal notice thereof.


If after the departure of the tour the Organizer should be unable to provide for any reason, except for facts attributable to the traveler, an essential part of the services covered by the contract, he should arrange alternative solutions without additional costs for the traveler and if the alternative services provided have a lower value than those originally programmed, he would have to refund the price difference.

If no alternative solution is possible, or the alternative solution arranged by the Organizer is rejected by the traveler for proven and justified reasons, the Organizer will provide without any extra charge for the traveler transportation equivalent to the one originally planned to get back to the departure point or a different place they may have agreed, taking in account the availability of such transport means and places, and will refund the traveler the difference between the cost of the services bought and that of the services effectively provided until the anticipated return.
The obligation of supplying transport at no extra charge does obviously not apply to motorcycles, since all motorcycle tours by Italy On Motorbike/Lab Travel are being executed with the own vehicles of participants, or with rental motorcycles hired by direct contract between traveler and rental company, for which the rental company is liable while Italy On Motorbike/Lab Travel is exempted of any obligation.  


Participants must be in possession of a valid passport or other valid document for all countries included in the itinerary, as well as transit visas and health certificates if required.

Foreign citizens will obtain the information on the necessary documents through the Italian diplomatic organizations in their country. In any case travelers are compelled before departure to check with the competent authorities that the information in their  possession is updated and take the necessary steps to comply with the regulations in force before leaving home.

They must also follow normal rules of prudence and diligence and comply with the regulations in force in the countries of destination, abide by all information provided by the Organizer and to the regulations and administrative or legislative provisions relating to the tour package. Participants will be liable for any damage that the Organizer may suffer because of their non-compliance with the above obligations. The traveler is obliged to provide the Organizer with all documents, information and elements in its possession relevant to the exercise of the right of subrogation by the latter towards the third parties responsible for the damage; the traveler is also liable towards the Organizer for the injury caused to the right of subrogation.

Tourists will communicate in writing to the Organizer, when booking, any special personal requests that will be the subject of specific agreements, provided that it is possible to implement such travel arrangements. The Organizer reserves the right to accept in writing such special requests, after checking the availability of the suppliers who should provide such services. The Organizer will send as soon as possible to the traveler a communication concerning the additional costs resulting from such requests, provided that these are feasible.

All participants who drive a motorcycle (id est not the passengers) (hereafter “the Riders”) must hold a valid driving license for motorcycles over 400 cc issued in their country together, if coming from a country outside the Schengen area, with an international driving license that certifies their possession of a motorcycle driving license. In addition to having the driving license riders need to be actually able to ride a motorcycle and must therefore have enough experience in riding a motorcycle to not compromise their own safety and that of the other participants, nor the smooth development of the tour (slowing down the touring rhythm, making modifications of the route necessary, causing the other participants’ dissatisfaction) because of their scarce mastery of the vehicle. According to the terms of the Special clauses bound to the specific nature of our tours involving self-driven vehicles, the Organizer is allowed to take the necessary steps to avoid sacrificing the rest of the group.


The official classification of the accommodations and hotel facilities provided in the informative material complies with the expressed, formal indications of the competent valuation authorities. In case there is no official classification acknowledged by the competent public authorities, the Organizer reserves the right to provide an own description of the accommodation, that allows the traveler to evaluate and consequently accept the service.


The Organizer is liable for damages caused to the travelers as a result of a total or partial breach of the contractually due services, whether the same are carried out by him personally or by third service providers, unless he proves that the event was caused by a fact attributable to the traveler (including initiatives independently undertaken by him during the execution of the tour package) or by a fact attributable to a third party that were unpredictable or unavoidable, by circumstances outside the provision of the contractually due services, by unpredictable circumstances, force majeure, or circumstances that the Organizer could not, with the due professional diligence, reasonably foresee or resolve.

The agency where the tour package was bought does no way account for the obligations arising from the organization of the trip but is solely responsible of the obligations arising from its activity as an intermediary and, in any case, within the limits set by the regulations in force.

The Organizer will not, under any circumstances, be liable for damages of any kind when such failure to perform or improper performance of the contract are attributable neither to any fault of his own, nor to that of another supplier of services, whereas the faulty execution of the contract is attributable: a) to the traveler, b) to a third party who does not provide services contractually due, and/or c) to force majeure or to an event which the Organizer could not, with all due diligence, foresee or solve (strikes of any nature, operational changes/times of transport companies, etc.).

Furthermore, the Organizer will under no circumstances be liable for damages: a) resulting from the failure to abide by the recommendations or warnings made by the agent or the Tour Leader or by the tutor on the spot; b) arising from the supply of services provided by third parties, that are included in the tour package; c) resulting from initiatives of the traveler.


The compensation for damages is governed by the provisions of articles. 44, 45 and 47 of the Italian Tourism Code and relevant prescription periods; in addition the compensation due is limited to the extent stated by the International Conventions that rule the services covered by the package and by articles 1783 and 1784 of the civil code.


The Organizer is obliged to provide the traveler assistance, as imposed by the professional diligence criterion, exclusively relevantly to the proper obligations as stated by law or in the contract. The Organizer and the seller shall be exonerated from their responsibilities (articles 10 and 11 of the present Terms and Conditions) when failure to execute the contract or its improper execution is attributable to the traveler or depends on a fact attributable to a third party, that was unpredictable or unavoidable, id est force majeure or fortuitous event.


To avoid forfeiture, any failure in the performance of the contract shall be notified and contested by the traveler without delay so that the Organizer or the Tour Leader can promptly fix the situation.

Any subsequent claim and/or complaint will be considered null and void.
To avoid forfeiture, the traveler shall also file a written complaint by means of registered letter with return receipt to the Organizer sent not later than ten working days after the date of return to the departure place of the tour.


The National Guarantee Fund set up to protect travelers who are in possession of a travel contract will compensate for the following services in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of the intermediary or the Organizer: refund of the amount paid.

The modalities to avail of the Fund are governed by the Italian Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers number 349, dated 23/07/99, and applications for repayment to the Fund are not limited in time.

The Organizer contributes to this Fund to the extent set out in paragraph 2 of article. 51 of the Italian Tourism Code.


The Organizer informs all participants that with the payment of the tour price they are automatically covered by a policy of insurance stipulated by the Organizer. The policy in the Organizer’s hands offers the following guarantees: medical/health expenses, assistance, luggage. Exclusions, provisions and limitations are listed in the policy conditions that, for a question of language (they are in Italian), are remitted to travelers only on request. In the event of a claim, or for any requests, always due to problems of language it is the Organizer who will provide to call the telephone number of the operational Center and open a file. A traveler needing to avail of the insurance will therefore contact Italy On Motorbike to open a claim file, unless he/she is able to proceed by himself/herself in Italian. 

The present contract is governed by the Italian law. In case of controversy on the travel contract for the tour bought by the traveler the jurisdiction shall exclusively be of the Court of Cuneo (Italy), excluding any other court in the world. Controversies on the interpretation or execution of the travel contract will be submitted to arbitration, provided they are liable to be solved with a compromise.

Special clauses bound to the specific nature of our tours involving self-driven vehicles

I)   Driver’s License and Riding Ability

In Italy a specific driver’s licenses is requested by law to ride a motorcycle. Therefore, on completing a booking the customer formally declares that he/she is in possess of a valid driver’s license for the vehicle used in the tour and has the necessary riding ability to control such a vehicle safely on the tour route. Participants coming from non-Schengen countries may not be authorized to tour in Italy with their national driver’s license and need to have an International Driver’s License issued by the local authorities for motor vehicles.

The traveler must immediately notify us of all changes with respect to his/her driving license that affect his/her participation in the tour (for instance, disqualification from driving). Should it turn out after the booking and before the start of the travel that the customer has no driving license valid for the travel period then, by charging the cancellation rates, we are exempted from further contract fulfillment.

Should it turn out after the travel has started that the customer does not have a valid driving license for the travel period or does not have the necessary driving ability to be able to control the vehicle taken over safely on the tour route, then the legal consequences of clause vii) (Personal Behavior and Liability, comma 2) hereunder apply.

In addition to being in possession of a driving license for motorcycles, a rider needs to be actually able to drive a motorcycle! Since Italy On Motorbike/Lab Travel has no proper means to ascertain the expertise of drivers before their effective participation in a tour, but for the data declared under the own responsibility by riders in the booking form, it declines any responsibility if some participant should not be capable to follow a group and/or should cause any damages to people or things, including to the own person and belongings, as a result of his/her insufficient riding ability, and reserves to exercise its rights as per clause vii) hereafter.

II)   Motorcycle Rental

We are not the bike rental company. The bike rental is an additional service offered, advertised and promoted by us as an intermediary but autonomously provided by a licensed rental company for which we are an external partner. Therefore this service will be governed by a separate contract between the traveler and the rental company directly, and we shall no way assume any liability for the transaction, cancellation and execution of the service.


To hire a bike from one of our partners, the customer shall be in possession of a valid driver’s license for the rented vehicle (usually old type A or new type A3) and be at least 21 years old. Travelers from non-Schengen countries are usually not  allowed to tour in Italy with their national driver’s license and will therefore need to have an International Driver’s License issued by the local authorities – please check this out with the local Italian Consulate.


It is the traveler’s responsibility to present a valid, appropriate driver’s license to take over the rental motorcycle. If that is not fulfilled, the rented vehicle will not be handed over and we shall exclude the participant from the tour and be exempted from further contract fulfillment. In such a case, neither the rental company nor we Italy On Motorbike/Lab Travel shall refund any payment nor be liable for the additional costs hence arising for the traveler.

III)   Own Vehicle

Participants taking part in a tour with their own vehicle are themselves responsible for its conforming with the law, being sufficiently insured and for its technical condition being faultless. If non-compliance with such a condition results in our service provision being disturbed, then the traveler is obliged to reimburse us for any loss that the situation may cause, cost that may incur and damages in case other participants should complain and our corporate image should be harmed. The traveler shall obviously also bear any additional costs arising to fix the problem (for instance for vehicle recovery, vehicle safekeeping, elimination of technical defects, etc.).

IV)  Local Traffic Regulations

The traveler joins every day the road traffic on his/her own responsibility and is obliged to abide by the provisions of the local road traffic regulations. He/she will therefore bear any penalties, fines or similar charges, including damage to a third party’s person or property attributable to his/her infraction to local traffic regulations. He/she is also the only responsible in case of accident he/she caused.

V)  Health, Alcohol, Drugs and Medicines

Big attention is drawn to participants’ good general state of health. To be admitted in a tour all participants must be in a good enough physical and mental shape to be able to travel without difficulties and in safe conditions every day, reason why controlling the tour difficulty grade as described is fundamental when booking. Tour participants who do not fulfill such prerequisites may be excluded by the Tour Leader from the whole tour or parts thereof without any appeal. If there are any doubts in respect of a participant’s state of health, the customer is compelled, on request of the Tour Leader, to present a good health certificate to be newly admitted.


During the day, as long as the vehicle still has to be driven, riders are not allowed to take any alcoholic drink, drug or medicine that affects their ability to drive. Alcoholic drinks may only be enjoyed once the day tour has ended and the vehicle has been safely parked for the night at the hotel, although always within reasonable limits with the awareness that everyone needs to be refreshed and rested again on the next morning. The legal consequences described in clause vii) (Personal Behavior and Liability, comma 2) hereunder will apply in the event of failure to comply with this rule. 

VI) Riding off-road and out of the group

Off-road riding with a rental bike is not allowed. A traveler would should ride off-road with a hired bike shall bear all losses arising from unauthorized off-road driving in full (such as the damages to the bike and indemnification to us in case this has somehow affected the pursuance of the tour).
No participant shall drive outside the route laid down by the Tour Leader when traveling with the group and no off-road stretch is ever included in the route. If a participant wishes to make a ride on his/her own, outside the group, previous agreement with the Tour Leader is necessary; in this case the outsider shall reach the agreed meeting point under the own responsibility. Only those who travel on their own motorcycle may ride off-road when driving outside the group.

VII) Personal Behavior and Liability

The traveler is liable in any case and shall indemnify and hold us harmless against all third party claims asserted directly on us in connection with such injuries and/or damage. Damage caused by customer’s intentional misconduct, lack of experience or negligence means in particular (but not limited to) damage attributable to driving mistakes, insufficient driving ability and/or disorderly driving behavior (for instance, driving on the back wheels, making a racing start, insufficient safety spaces between vehicles, etc.).

We are released from our obligations towards a customer under the travel contract if, in a group travel, a traveler, despite warnings, continues to disturb the travel performance by improper behavior. If it was the customer’s fault, the customer is obliged to compensate us for the damage he/she has caused.

Though a Tour Leader is provided on each tour, whose directives all travelers undertake to follow as well for the itinerary and for the speed, all participants follow the route on their own responsibility and are compelled to adapt their riding style and ability to the prevailing circumstances. If a traveler is not in a position to follow a route, then he/she must immediately notify the Tour Leader accordingly so that the latter can take the necessary steps to help the participant in difficulty without sacrificing the rest of the group.

Each traveler is also personally responsible for stowing the proper luggage in the dedicated vehicle. Any liability of ours for that is totally excluded and it is therefore recommended not to leave any valuable documents or belongings in the van transported luggage.

VIII)  Weather Conditions and Routes

We reserve the right to change the itinerary and consequently overnight accommodation venues or other services as necessary in reason of seasonal circumstances and current weather conditions. When doing that, we shall endeavor not to change the character of the tour and to provide similar services. The tours are scheduled so to be performed in the best season and most favorable weather conditions for the relevant area, yet we do not assume any responsibility for poor weather conditions (being bad or even too hot) that may occur and participants cannot claim any right to reimbursement of the tour price or of the vehicle rental fee due to bad weather and subsequent program change.

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Should you need some more information on one or more tours, please just call us or fill in the request of information form found at the bottom of each tour specifications sheet. Our staff will contact you and give you all the information you desire on our tours, help you choose a rental motorbike (if requested), reply to all the questions you may have, discuss your expectations and see to arrange an extension to your holiday if desired.

tour italy on motorbike
tour italy on motorbike
Italy On Motorbike
Italy On Motorbike
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