Tailor-made motorcycle tours in Italy

Italy is one of the most multifaceted, intriguing and fun places to visit and discover by motorcycle. A cradle of civilization with millennia of history behind it, Italy offers an unparalleled wealth of historic sites, ancient villages and burgs, and amazing natural vistas scattered throughout the land that only a motorcycle tour on back roads allows you to discover.

Italy, with its long and narrow natural conformation featuring 8,000 kilometers of coastline, rich in mesmerizing mountains such as the Alps, Dolomites and Apennines, is geographically ideal to be toured on a motorcycle, having lots of fun riding a Ducati, Moto Guzzi or Aprilia during the day, and a stroll crowned by a fine slow-food dinner in a city of art in the evening.

Here, just crossing the green forests that cover the chain of the Apennines which splits Italy in two from north to south, it is possible to have breakfast with sunrise over the sea on the east coast and take an evening aperitif with sunset over the sea on the west coast, on the same day. And thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, we can easily eat outdoors, even for dinner, from April to November.

In short, all of Italy with its 20 regions and as many extremely diverse traditional cuisines, makes each day of a motorcycle tour different from the next one and full of new discoveries and flavors.

But with so many possible combinations of interests, how can we please just everybody?

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Italy On Motorbike
Italy On Motorbike
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Taking part in a pre-organized tour always means having to adapt to a program:

some people would love to stay on the bike for the whole day whereas others prefer to spend more time discovering the territory, visiting natural and historic sites; some people, after a plentiful breakfast, would only expect a quick sandwich for lunch, whereas others would only accept slow, gourmet meals during their holidays, quietly sitting at a table; and some people can never get enough turns and tarmac while for others, after a 6-hour trip, their only desire is to relax in the garden or have a swim in the pool … Well, as you can see, it is well-nigh impossible to make everyone happy!

This is why we could not limit our services to pre-organized tours and are proud to offer the possibility to have, in alternative, a fully tailor-made tour packaged especially for you in accordance with your specific desires and needs. An added value service with an efficient operation relying on carefully selected, tried-and-tested partners that gives us the certainty of doing it well. These fully-customized tours are available for small and big groups of friends.


With a simple set of information

(such as the area and duration of the journey, the mix of cultural interests and desired experiences, and your preferences as to food and hotels) we’ll concoct for you your dream holiday along Italy’s most beautiful roads.

We can propose you various experiences and tailor complete packages around your requirements that may include just any type of activity or event you wish (gala dinner, food and wine tasting, a trekking on a volcano, a balloon trip over the Dolomites, tickets for shows, motorcycle races, monuments…) and any extension you might want to add to the motorbike tour itself, such as a stay in an Italian city of art or a relaxing week by the sea or a sports weekend in the mountains … provided that the central theme remains touring on a motorcycle, mainly in Italy. Some ideas:
  • one of our ready-to-buy tours scheduled at other dates for your private group
  • a luxury tour with only 5-star hotels and gourmet restaurants
  • a private family cruise bike + yacht: a series of amazing day tours on a motorcycle while cruising along the Italian coasts on a sailing boat or a yacht with your family
  • or on the contrary, a very basic tour with accommodation in B&Bs and 500 km in the saddle every day

Fill in and submit the following form, we shall reply as soon as possible with a proposal and estimate.

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