Central Italy Motorcycle Tours

Riding into the Heart of Central Italy: A Motorcycle Journey Through Its Hidden Treasures

A Motorcycle Journey with Italy Motorbike Tours

Immerse Yourself in an Exciting Motorcycle Journey Through the Heart of Italy. Our tours not only take you through some of the most iconic and historic landscapes of the country, but also offer you the chance to experience the thrill of MotoGP, with special stops during the races at Mugello and Misano.

Start your journey in Lazio, exploring the magnificence of Rome, with its millennia of history revealed around every corner. Continue north into the Tuscany region, where the roads wind through rolling hills, vineyards, and art cities like Florence and Siena. Don’t miss the annual MotoGP event at Mugello, an event that draws enthusiasts from around the world, offering spectacle and adrenaline on one of Italy’s most beautiful and technical circuits.

Move on to Emilia-Romagna, a paradise for two-wheel enthusiasts. This region is famous for its deep connection to the motorcycling world, being home to legends like Valentino Rossi and prestigious motorcycle manufacturers. The highlight of the tour will be attending the MotoGP race at Misano, where you can experience the exciting races up close and immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere that only this sport can offer.

Beyond the races, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the local culinary excellence, from the distinctive Parma ham to the refined Tuscan wines, making each stop a pleasure for the senses. The roads of Emilia-Romagna will also lead you through cities rich in history and culture, such as Bologna and Modena, offering a perfect mix of emotions and discoveries.

Our motorcycle tours are not just a trip through the beautiful country, but a true adventure that intertwines the thrill of MotoGP with the discovery of traditions, landscapes, and cuisine of three emblematic regions of central Italy.

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