The 2 Major Islands Italy

A Motorcycle Journey with Italy Motorbike Tours

Prepare for an unforgettable motorcycle journey through Italy’s most enchanting islands, Sicily and Sardinia, where pristine nature and centuries-old traditions create an unparalleled experience.

Begin your tour in Sicily, an island that captures the heart with its rich cultural heritage and natural wonders. Ride along roads winding through lush agricultural landscapes to towering mountains, discovering along the way art cities like Palermo and Catania. Don’t miss the chance to explore the majestic Valley of the Temples in Agrigento or enjoy a breathtaking sunset on Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano.

Continue to Sardinia, an island that enchants with its crystal-clear waters and sugar-white beaches. The roads in Sardinia lead you through mountainous and coastal scenery that is a dream for every motorcyclist. Visit magical Alghero with its Catalan walls and the fascinating Neptune’s Grotto. Savor the unique flavors of Sardinian cuisine, renowned for its pecorino cheese and suckling pig, as you travel through ancient Nuragic villages scattered across the island.

Each island offers stunning views and a warm welcome, making every stop on your motorcycle journey a cherished memory. Sicily and Sardinia are not just destinations; they are experiences that linger in the soul, enriching every traveler with their unexplored natural and cultural beauty.

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  • Language Italian, English, French
  • Currency Euro
  • Time Zone UTC+1
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