Why in Italy?

It’s simple: which country is more ideally suited than Italy to motorbike touring?

When it comes to landscapes, Italy has it all, with its magnificent forests and beautiful coastal panoramas, its vineyards and medieval villages, its snow-capped peaks and sunny islands. So whatever scenery you like, we’ve got it: cities, open country, seas, lakes, hills, and magnificent mountains. 

A country blessed by the gods since the dawn of time, whose boundless natural beauty has inspired artists and entire peoples to create awesome constructions and artworks in every period and place. The cradle of the western civilization, Italy has a unique historical, cultural and artistic heritage broad enough to satisfy devotees of all styles and eras, from the most ancient and mysterious, like the nuragic civilization in Sardinia right up to Milan’s avant-garde artist nightlife, just a few kilometers from the Alps and the northern lakes.
We’ll take you through twists and turns in the heart of a natural world of myriad colors among archaeological sites, churches, and castles. Through olive groves and pastures. Along jagged shorelines and beautiful beaches … And, to bookend the day, savor as well the sunrise and sunset over the sea horizon.

Italy On Motorbike, a completely different rhythm… discover a new way of holidaying, for both rider and passenger.

Italy On Motorbike
Italy On Motorbike tours
Italy On Motorbike
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Italy On Motorbike
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Touring Italy on a motorbike is the only way to really discover it!

The natural and artistic beauty spots strewn hither and thither are often exhilarating to reach by motorbike but hideous by car. Suddenly, a breathtaking glimpse, the sight of an old village perched on a cliff, a small church magically appearing after a hairpin turn are just some of the many surprises scattered across the landscape that you can fully enjoy only on a motorcycle. Even the climate, often mild and sunny, is in our favor. Our tours are designed around the local weather conditions, allowing us to be in the saddle from early March to October, yet always in the best season in each area.

With its long tradition of tourism, the Bel Paese offers a unique, vast, tried-and-tested variety of quality facilities for your rest, entertainment, board, lodging and wellness and, most of all, for the happiness of your soul.

As good life-loving tourists ourselves, we choose only the best for our customers. Because your holiday is as important for us as it is for you. Because a true biker is a lover of life and its pleasures. A bon vivant who appreciates top luxury hotels, believing that the “warrior’s rest” should be as invigorating as the “battle”, a gourmet who rejoices in tasting authentic Italian cuisine, as happy with a Florentine T-bone steak lunch in the Chianti hills as with a fine lobster and spumante dinner by the sea, enthralled by the voluptuous bouquet of an excellent wine,....

Discover Tours

Whether you would like to do a guided tour in a group or travel alone at your dates, whether you prefer the elegance of upscale hotels or the charms of a B&B in the countryside, whether you are a gourmet happy with excellent cuisine or you prefer a quick sandwich to put more miles under your belt, you’ve come to the right place! Your motorcycle tour starts with us, chosen from different types of ready-to-ride programs, to discover a different, living and never monotonous Italy, where the trip is perhaps more important than the destination.

Many motorcycle tours to discover cities, seas and mountains in Italy